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What they're saying about us!

We take a lot of pride in the work we do here at Property Management of Andover. We strive for excellence and nothing less. With PMA, you're always going to get our best. It's nice to get recognized for that hard work too. Take a look at what some residents of our communities are saying:

I ran into a former co-worker from my Department Store days this
afternoon, and she was very complimentary of our property.  She said that
it has always looks nice and is very well kept.  I told her that is
because we are fortunate to have a conscientious property manager to oversee
the goings-on.


Jean,and Jim,
I want to thank you for your quick response to my inquiry about painting my
garage door, and my request for carpentry work on my deck.

The carpenter showed up the next day, and returned again yesterday. He went
right to work and fixed all the areas of concern. He is a very efficient fast

I am new to Scotty Hollow as of last June, and I appreciate your communication
with me as things come up in my new home. I was also impressed with my first
annual meeting that I attended in 2018, leaving me with a sense that this is a
well run association.

Again many thanks, Susan

"I lost my keys in the dumpsters or dumpster enclosure this morning and I asked the morning clean-up man for help. He was headed home and without hesitation he helped me look . I had already given up but he continued and he did find my keys.I am always amazed at the extremely high quality of people working at property management of andover. I know I should not be because everyone I have come in contact with has been outstanding. The man in the morning is so kind  gentle and caring." - Henry

"Thank you Jean for your quick response!  I've gotta say...you guys are SO awesome to work with.  By far the best (and most responsive) management company I've ever worked with." - Beth, realtor

I do not know if it is my age but I always [in January] reflect on where I am. I am very thankful that the association is in such good hands. I remember where we were in 1989 and we were a mess and in debt. Jim took over and surrounded himself with quality people such as Tammy, Lyle, Mr. Miller, and the newest quality person Jean. My unit was assessed for $76,900 in 2018 and in 2019 assessed $101,200. Under Jim's leadership and the assembled board --the whole team is compatible. The improvements made here are tremendous in scope. I have not always agreed as the disabled are not always in mind when decisions are made but I understand the limitations here. I believe Jean shares my sensitivity on the disabled. I have read in the news serious problems other management companies have had and Jim's integrity is outstanding.

So to the board, Jim, Tammy, Lyle, Mr, Miller, Jean and also the van driver that is here many days. THANK YOU.

- Resident at Princeton Village in Lawrence, MA

It has been just over one-year since my leaving Scotty Hollow to built a home in an over 55 community. As I think about those last months, days, and moments, I remember everything each of you did to help me through the finalizing the selling process of my unit. With that I have take a moment to say thank you for your going above and beyond on many occasions. Your management company and those, who take part in explaining the document-filled rules and regs of both living in and leaving the complex, are a great asset along with great P.R. representatives. My smooth transition is an example of this. I cannot look back on that experience without gratitude once again filling my heart and mind and sharing this gratitude with each of you. The management company used here could learn much from Property Management of Andover.
Hopefully, your summer days are offering you relaxation and restful vacations.


"Hello all -- I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the follow up to ensure that the hole in front of our main entrance was fixed and paved over. I had been concerned about the steel plates being around all winter and was greatly relieved when the paving company was able to complete the work yesterday. Thanks for staying on top of that work and making sure we did not have to deal with that mess longer than necessary.

I also wanted to say how much the communications around ongoing projects and the work in the pipeline is appreciated. Although I know there is a large number of residents and owners that do not follow the happenings around here, I also know that those of us who do, welcome the effort to communicate and make us aware.

Those that know me can attest that for years I kept telling folks that things were not being done and important follow ups were not being taken care of and the time would come when those things would come back to bite us. It is a breath of fresh air to see things finally attended to. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the move to fire our last management company and bring PMA onboard was the correct one.

It is a pleasure to have a team that is knowledgeable, professional, responsible, and congenial looking after our property. I cannot express how much we welcome(and at least some of us) appreciate the work that PMA is doing for us. Please keep up the excellent work!

Thank you for all you do. Safe and happy holidays to all!"



I would like to thank you for having our wonderful Scotty Hollow, plowed and to my surprise, the walkways snowblown!!  My mom is being released to us today for Thanksgiving and I wasnt sure if it was going to happen, but again, thank you so much, it makes living here so wonderful!!


The Kittredge Crossing  association with PMA is among the many things I am thankful for this year.
I am so impressed and delighted by the professionalism and attentiveness that PMA has provided.

- Ginny

I just wanted to let you know that I continue to be pleased with PMA's responsiveness, communication and advocacy for the community of Scotty Hollow. It is one of the aspects of home ownership here that attracted me to the development 5 years ago. Then I knew only "it was well managed" and the grounds and upkeep were far and above the most pristine of the townhouse options in Chelmsford. Now, I know what "managed" means and find that the cooperation with you and our board, the communication with PMA and our residents, and the resources you provide have been a benefit to residents. The work with National Grid, the cooperation with Verizon; the group discounts offered for maintenance; the snow removal and the courtesy of Jean and the staff there at PMA. I feel like we have a premiere management company behind us.

Please feel free to pass this along to our Board of Trustees for the condo association. As a resident here, I am proud to own and use the excellence of our management as one of the reasons I encourage people to consider purchase of their own.

Best regards,


We know all too often people are quick to lodge a complaint but not so quick to compliment! Chris and Mike have been working on our building as you know and Rick and I are quite impressed with their commitment to quality work, their work ethic and their professional manner! They represent PMA well! They have been working diligently daily in all types of weather...most notably some very hot and humid days and yet they keep at it!

We have been around a lot during the time they have been here and are quite impressed again with work ethic of both and their commitment to getting the job done right!

Just wanted to share :)... -Carol and Rick

"As a condominium board member and homeowner, I've had the pleasure of working with "Property Management of Andover" for the last 25 years.   I work directly with Jim Toscano (president) and he's been very supportive and responsive to all of our condominium needs.  No matter what we encounter he's always there to make recommendations,  guide and support us to make the right decisions and save money.  He has a great team of people that work with him who are extremely customer focused and react quickly and efficiently (Jean and Hutch)!   I cannot say enough positive comments about them!  I am moving to another condo and I wish I could take them all with me!" -Diane

"Thanks Jim and Hutch for all you have done to make living at Indian Ridge a great experience. You have done your best and supported me always. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and joy." - Karen

"I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work and assistance you have provided during my terms on the Board of Trustees. It was my number one goal when first elected to get good management into the building, and I don't think we could have chosen better than PMA. Now I get to enjoy the next year just paying my condo fees and not thinking about any of the other building/resident issues - which was why I bought a condo in the first place! I feel as long as PMA is involved, it's safe to do just that..." -Jen

"As always, you are so helpful and responsive.
Jim, I've said it before - I refer PMA to those condo associations who might be considering a change of management and I am more than happy (as an owner) to be a reference. You are a top notch firm who manages the property effeciently. I continue to be thrilled with my ownership here and it was a deciding factor in my choice to buy here. The confidence I have in the value of my home maintaining (or increasing) over time, is tied to the strong management and healthy relationship of the board and its management." -Christine

"Thank you! VG mowed behind building 1 today. It looks so great. You made my day!" -Marilyn

"Dear Board Members, as some of you may know, I was a resident of Indian Ridge for over 30 years and recently relocated to Maine. I would like to thank the members of the Board for their dedicated service and making Indian Ridge a great community in which to live. I never regretted my decision to own in this devcelopment, which has always maintained high standards of appearance and financial stability. I would especially like to thank Fran S. and Jim Toscano for their many years of service to Indian Ridge and its residents. It was a pleasure to know and work with these individuals. Best of luck in the future to the entire Board and residents of Indian Ridge." - Harold

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